UK Mobile phone Ownership


Three-quarters (73 per cent) of 10-year-olds here have a personal mobile compared to a global average of only 45 per cent.

In the US the figure is just one third (31 per cent) and in France it is only 10 per cent, while of 12 countries surveyed only Poland (83 per cent) had a higher proportion of 10-year-olds with mobiles.

In the UK 24 per cent of eight-year-olds and six per cent of six-year-olds also own mobiles, the research carried out by The Marketing Store found.

Mobile phone ownership aged 10: Poland (83pc), UK (73pc), Brazil (73pc), Germany (69pc), Mexico (68pc), China (49pc), Spain (37pc), US (31pc), Australia (31pc), Japan (20pc), Canada (17pc), France (10pc). Overall average = 45 per cent.

Read more:–twice-overseas.html#ixzz2JHJQulzW 



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