Panic Guard



A new smartphone app which aims to protect victims of stalking has become the first mobile phone app to be backed by Crimestoppers.

PanicGuard, created by Danish entrepreneur Mikkel Dissing, is also endorsed by the National Mobile Crime Unit.

Users of PanicGuard can activate the app when they feel that they are in danger by shaking their smartphone. The app can track the location of the user, record video and audio and send an alert to the user’s emergency contacts.

If the app is shaken again it emits a loud alarm sound and turns on the flash on the mobile handset. The app can be deactivated only by entering a security code.

Dave Cording, deputy chief executive of Crimestoppers, said: “As a charity our aim is to make communities feel safer by identifying those responsible for crimes through information given to us anonymously by the public. We believe that this app compliments this objective by detecting and deterring crime.”

The app is available for iPhone and Android mobile phones and costs £3.99 per month. Mr Dissing says the subscription is necessary because of the support required to ensure that the service is responsive and always available.





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