Primary Research-Scenarios

As a team, we wanted to to conduct primary research to gain further insights in mobile phone theft, and gather the opinions of the general public.

We asked the public if they have ever lost or had their phone stolen, and here are some of the responses.


I lost my phone on the bus. The phone was rubbish so I didn’t really mind. asked why he had a rubbish phone, he replied ‘I couldn’t afford a better one, it is too expensive’.


I was sitting down in the park in  the daytime and my phone dropped out my pocket. As I went to pick it up, a stranger came and grabbed it and ran… I cancelled the sim card, but it was a crappy phone and had no personal info on it so it didn’t bother me too much.


My phone got  stolen on holiday. I left it on the table where I was sitting and a man came up to me, started talking and grabbed it off the table. I was in utter shock.


I was heading out with some mates for a night out. My battery was dead so my mum gave me hers. At the time, it was quite a good phone, one of the early smartphones. I was really drunk and I ended up giving my phone to him


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